?Manual operation.
?Double vises.
?Sawblade HSS Ø250~ Ø275mm,Ø250mm.(standard)
?2 Speeds.
?220V, single phase, 60 RPM. (optional)
?Movable guard. (optional)

Main Drive Motor 220V Single Ph. (opt.)
H Type 3.0HP/1.5HP(2/4 Pole) 50/60 HZ (std.)
L Type 1.5/1.0 HP(4/8 Pole) 50/60 HZ (opt.)
Blade Speeds H Type:60HZ 120/60 RPM, 50HZ 100/50 RPM (std.)
L Type:60HZ 60/30 RPM, 50HZ 50/25 RPM (opt.)
Head Swivel 90°/45°
Clamping Vise Double
Coolant Pump Motor 40W
Saw Blade Size Diameter (mm) HSS Ø250 - Ø275(10"-11") Standard Ø250
Bore (mm) Ø32
Pin Holes (mm) 2xØ11xPCD 63
Air Pressure (Consumption) --
Hydraulic Pump Motor --
Operation Pressure --
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1400x870x1750
Packing Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 750x880x1450
Packing Dimensions (inch) 30"x35"x58"
Net Weight 240 kgs(528 lbs)
Gross Weight 300 kgs(600 lbs)
* The manufacturer always performs product improvements to achieve the best possible performance. All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice. ( Product specifications are based on the actual machines. )

Cutting Capacity

  FHC-275 Series
Saw Blade Size  
Head Swivel 90° 45°
mm --- ---
mm --- ---
mm 75 60
mm 75x75 55x55
mm 75x75 55x55
mm 75x75 55x55
mm 75x70 60x55

Recommended Pitch Of Saw Blade

Ø10 - Ø15 4-6 Thin Pipe 3-6
Ø15 - Ø20 6-8 Medium Pipe 6-8
Ø20 - Ø30 8-10 Thick Wall Pipe 8-12
Ø30 - Ø50 10-12 Choose correct pitch of saw blade for perfect cutting.
Ø50 - Ø70 12-14
Ø70 - Ø80 14-16

Motor, switch, complete cooling system, adjustable stop, service tools.

Saw blade, movable safety guard, cutting fluid.